Friday, 28 January 2011

6" Card Box Template

Sometimes it's not always possible to send out cards in an envelope especially if there are layers of flowers, ribbon and bling attached to them.  I usually make my own card boxes sometimes I leave them blank or like the one below it's as much fun decorating them as it is making the card to fit it. 

                                      Here is my template which I'm happy to share with you.
Hope you like and thank you for stopping by
Kathleen x 


Joy said...

Thanks so much for idea!

Carrie said...

Thanks for this really useful template Kathleen. I often have cards that don't fit in the envelope and usually I don't end up sending them. Now I will be able to make a box for those that are too big xxx

fluwelenvoetjes said...

Oh what a great idea! Thanks so much for the template, I'm certainly going to use it!
Hugs, Anita

Karen's Fun Blog said...

Hi Kathleen! Check out my blog, there is an award there for you!! : )